Rules of Conduct

1. The following activities are not allowed in the Library:

A. Eating or drinking
B. Playing audio or video equipment so that others can hear it; prolonged or loud use of cellular phone
C. Smoking
D. Sleeping
E. Animals other than those needed to assist a patron with a disability, or those being trained to do so
F. Carrying a weapon unless authorized by law
G. Misusing the restrooms
H. Talking loudly, making noise or engaging in other disruptive behavior, obscene or aggressive gesturing
I. Interfering with another person’s use of the Library or with Library personnel’s performance of their duties

2. Parents or adult caregivers are responsible for the behavior of youth using the Library. Library staff cannot assume responsibility for the care or supervision of any child in the Library.

A. Children six years of age or under: a parent or caregiver must remain on the same level as the child at all times and be immediately accessible. This includes storytimes and other programs.
B. Children ages 7 and 8: a parent or caregiver must remain in the library for the entire visit
C. Children 9 – 12 years of age are welcome to use the Library unattended, but should not be left unsupervised for extended periods of time
D. If Library staff is aware of a child left unattended at the time the Library is closing, whether it is the regular closing time or for a snow emergency (or any other unforeseen reason), an effort will be made to notify the parents by telephone. Then, the Police Department will be notified to transport the child to the Police Department to await pick-up. If it is not possible to reach a parent by telephone, a note will be left on the Library’s doors indicating where the child has been taken.
E. Parents will be notified by telephone if their children are not abiding by the Library’s Rules of Conduct or are not adhering to the Library’s Policy on Unattended Children
F. During the school year, students using BHPL during the school day must be accompanied by an adult

3. Shoes and shirts must be worn

4. No photographs will be taken in/of the Library or persons using the Library without the Director’s permission

5. Library privileges may be suspended for the following reasons:

A. Damaging library materials
B. Stealing library materials
C. Threatening or physically harming staff or patrons

6. Any patron violating these Rules of Conduct will be advised that their behavior is unacceptable. If the behavior persists, the patron will be asked to leave Library property for the remainder of that day; for a second offense, the patron will be asked to remain off Library property for the next day also; and, for a third offense, for one week. Repeat offenders may be directed to leave without repeat warnings.

All staff on duty are empowered to enforce conduct rules and, as necessary, call the police. Rulings made by staff other than the Director will be in effect for the remainder of the day or until the Director or Board President is consulted.

When necessary, the Police Department will be called for assistance. If warranted by the severity of the problem behavior, library privileges will be revoked for a specific time period established by the Director and Board of Trustees.

Adopted 11/10/93, modified 5/12/03, amended 6/9/03.