Procedures for Internet Use

An Internet Management System has been installed in order to facilitate the equitable use of BHPL’s Internet resources. It will also provide Internet use statistics which will assist in future planning. The following Procedures will implemented in conjunction with the Internet Access Policy and Responsible and Courteous Use of the Internet.

Library users initiate Internet access by typing in a user barcode:

BHPL and registered MUF and MURAL cardholders, in good standing, will use their existing barcode.

All other Internet users must register at the Circulation Desk for a Computer Use Only card. Registration requires a driver’s license or other acceptable identification. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to report a lost card. Replacement cards will cost $ 1.00.

Occasional visitors to BHPL may request the use of a Guest Card.

Guest Cards will not be issued to any library user already registered for Internet use.

Internet users must use their own card. Anyone found using a different card will immediately lose any remaining Internet time. Repeat offenders will risk losing Internet use for progressively longer periods of time, as set by the Director.

Time will be allotted in 30 minute segments. Sessions may be extended if no other library user is waiting. Internet use will be limited to 3 hours per day per patron.

Copies will be 10¢ per page for black & white and 15¢ per page for color. Payment must be made when pages are picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Adopted July 31, 2006, reviewed and approved April 9, 2007; revised 5/12/2008