How to Download eBooks onto an eReader

Overdrive offers basic instructions here:

Getting Started with a Nook

Getting Started with a Sony Reader

Getting Started with eBook Readers

Or, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

First Time Users: Sign up for an Adobe ID

On your PC or Mac, go to

In the top right corner, click Sign in”

Click the yellow button “Create an Adobe Account”

Fill in the fields to register for a free Adobe ID and password. You will need this in a later step.


First Time Users: Download Adobe Digital Editions

On your PC or Mac, go to

Click on Adobe Digital Editions (under Getting Started in the left column).

Click the Get Adobe Digital Editions button.

Click Download now.

Click the Install button and follow the prompts to install.

Click Close when it is finished downloading.

Adobe Digital Editions will launch after installation.


First Time Users: Activate Adobe Digital Editions

Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Click I Agree. The ‘Setup Assistant’ dialog box is displayed.

Click ‘Continue’.  The ‘Authorize Computer’ screen is displayed.

Enter the Adobe ID login and password you signed up for in the first step (if you skipped that, click ‘Get an Adobe ID online’ to sign up for an Adobe ID now).

Click ‘Activate’.  Click ‘Finished’ to close the Setup Assistant dialog box.


Check Out an eBook

Go to

Search for a particular eBook using the search box, or browse the eBooks listed on the web site.

To browse eBooks that are not checked out, click on eBook Fiction oreBook Nonfiction in the right-hand column.

Click on a category that interests you, such as Mystery or Biography.

Under the search box at the top of the page, check the box “Only show titles with copies available” and leave the search box blank. Click Submit.

Click on the cover or title of the eBook that you want to check out. Make sure it’s an eBook, not an audiobook.

Click Add to cart (or Place a Hold, if the book is currently checked out. When it is available, you will receive an email. Then you will go to, click My Account, log in, click My Holds, and click Add to cart.)

Click Proceed to Checkout.

Select Berkeley Heights Public Library from the drop down menu.

Type in the barcode number on the back of your library card without any spaces and click Login.

Select your lending period (7, 10 or 14 days) from the drop down menu and click Confirm Checkout.

Click the Download button under the picture of the book’s cover.

Click “Open”.  Adobe Digital Editions will launch.


First Time Users: Activate Your eBook Device

Connect the eBook device to your computer using a USB cable.

Adobe Digital Editions will detect the eBook device and the ‘Device Setup Assistant’ dialog box is displayed.

Click ‘Authorize Device’.

Click ‘Finished’.

If you aren’t prompted to authorize your Nook (or other device), or you get the message “user not activated” on your device:

Make sure your Nook is on. Make sure that the Nook’s USB cable is securely plugged into the Nook and the end of the USB cable is securely plugged into your computer.  If that is not the problem, follow the instructions on this web page. (In short, you need to delete the file .adobe-digital-editions from your Nook, unplug your Nook, exit out of ADE, open ADE, plug in your Nook.)

Transfer the eBook to your eBook device using Adobe Digital Editions

Connect your eBook device to your computer if it is not already.

In the Adobe Digital Editions window, click Library View (the icon that looks like 3 book spines) in the top left hand corner of the page.

Your device’s name (for example, “nook”) will show up at the bottom of the list on the left side of the screen under Bookshelves. If you do not see it, follow the instructions on this web page.

Click on the Adobe eBook you want to transfer on the right side of the screen and keep holding the mouse button down.

Drag the mouse until the arrow is over your device’s icon in the left pane. Then let go.

The ‘Copy Documents’ dialog box is displayed and the title is transferred.

When transfer is complete the ‘Copy Documents’ dialog box closes. You can now disconnect the eBook device.

Nook owners will find the book under My Files or My Documents (under My Library).

*  *

How to Return an eBook Early

In the Adobe Digital Editions, click the symbol that shows 3 book spines in the top left corner of the page, so you can see all of the books on your computer or device.

On the right side of the page, click on the arrow above the book you wish to return.

Click Return Borrowed Item. Click Return.


Delete an Expired Book from a Nook

On your Nook, go to My Library and then My Files or My Documents.  Arrow up or down to the book you wish to delete.  Tap “Item details and options”.  Tap “Delete”. Tap OK.  Tap OK.


If you get the error “user not activated” on your Nook, follow the instructions on this web page.

If you are able to read the eBook you downloaded in Adobe Digital Editions, but when you go to Library View to transfer it to your Nook, the eBook is not listed: Follow the instructions on this web page.

If you download an eBook and Adobe Digital Editions does not launch, and instead you just get a file ending in .ODM, this means you have downloaded an audiobook.  You can only download eBooks onto an eReader.

Several other error messages are explained at Click on Help along the top of the page. Then, under Adobe ePUB eBook, click on Troubleshooting.

Call the BHPL Reference Department at (908)464-9333 for additional help.  If you download your books onto a laptop, you can arrange to bring in your laptop and eReader so we can try to help you. Otherwise, we will arrange for an appointment for help over the phone.  We can also contact technical support on your behalf.